Annuals add a great seasonal splash of color to liven up any planter.  

 Annual flowers only grow for one growing season and are available for sale only in their particular growing season.  In season now you can find pansies; they can handle the cool period as we transition into spring and sometimes last into summer. 

Groff’s carries annuals for each season of the year.  We re-stock our annuals weekly to provide you with the freshest selection!

Perennial plants exist for a continuous growing season .  

 Perennials are available typically in late spring through early fall with their most available and prominent growing season being summer.  Like trees and shrubs, certain perennials thrive in shade, some in sun and some tolerate both.  Some perennials like wet boggy areas and some are drought tolerant and require little to no care. 

Groff’s carries a large selection of perennials that are native to and or thrive in our particular growing zone.  Keep location in mind when selecting perennials for your yard to promote the plants longevity. 

Seasonal perennials are also re-stocked weekly in order to provide you with the freshest selection possible!

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