Groundscape Maintenance

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate that includes labor and material necessary to maintain your groundscape.  Contact us for a free estimate. (856-589-9600)

  • Early Spring Cleanup
    Clean site of leaves, sticks, and trash, blow off all areas and dispose of debris
  • Spring Mulching
    Remove excess mulch from landscape beds and dispose of debris
    Re-cut natural landscape bed edges
    Layout and install fresh application of Natural Hardwood Mulch
  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
    Clean up trash from lawn areas
    Mow all lawn areas
    Edge all sidewalks and curbs
    String trim all building edges and fences where necessary removing high grass
    Blow off all freshly mowed areas
    Bi-weekly application of Roundup weed killer to cracks in sidewalks, driveways and landscape beds as necessary to control weed growth
  • Lawn Fertilization Program
    Early spring application of 30-5-10 slow release lawn fertilizer (granular)
    Spring application of pre-emergence and post emergence weed applications with fertilizer (liquid)
    Late spring application of pre-emergence and post emergence weed applications with fertilizer (liquid)
    Summer lawn feeding plus grub and insect application (granular)
    Fall lawn feeding of 10-20-18 lawn fertilizer to help build stronger root systems over the winter months
    Optional: Lawn Fungus application
  • Summer Pruning
    Prune shape all evergreen and ornamental plantings to maintain health and prevent overgrowth and unsightliness and remove all debris

For the last 50 years in servicing our community we still believe and stand that custom ladnscaping is a way of serving the customer to the best of our ability by giving you a yard that will be successful and thrive for many a years after it is installed...

  • Early Summer Annual Plantings – May
    Layout and install Proven Winner Hybrid annual flowers in locations designated for annuals (exact color combinations depends on availability and color scheme of grounds)
  • Fall Harvest Color Package – October
     Layout and install fall Mums, cornstalks with orange bows, hay bales and pumpkins to give that personal look
    Annual flowers will usually remain placed and be removed after 1st or 2nd frost
  • Winter Harvest Color Package – November
    Remove all spring plantings and fall color packages and dispose. Layout and install Winter Kale or Winter Pansies
  • Fall Cleanup of Leaves
    Clean leaves at all property locations either one time or three individual times per location and at the rate in which leaves fall
  • Sprinkler Systems
    Spring startup and winterization of sprinklers system varies depending on the number of zones to be adjusted or blown out
  • Landscape Lighting
    Lighting repairs or bulb replacements vary depending on lighting fixture or wattage of bulb
  • Pond Start-Up
    Pump 50% water out of pond, clean debris from pond leaves, and sticks etc. best as possible, reset pump and clean filters. Add water, Green Clean, water prep and biological microbe lift PL to pond. Let stand and revisit. Price is $95.00 per hour plus materials. Materials estimated at approx. $69.95 depending upon gallon capacity.

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